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Chat Bots

Chat Bots are robots that you can chat to over messenger and talk to like a real person ....
They are intelligent and remember what you say so you can have interesting and funny conversations with them ...

Just add the bots to your messenger and start chatting !!!

1. Smarter Child
ID -

This bot will learn and remember what you say so you can have funny conversations with it. Also it can display search engine results, weather reports, cinema times and more.

2. Spleak
ID -

Spleak is a female chat bot. She plays games, makes jokes, can give you all kinds of information, from weather to spell checks and definitions.

3. Games Bot
ID -

If you're bored this is great bot to play games with. You can play Hangman, 4 In A Row, Word Scrambles and more fun games !

4. The World Of Alice
ID -

This is a virtual buddy who talks to you and can give information about weather and more !

5. Quiz Master
ID -

This bot asks you 20 quiz questions. If you answer them all correct you can get into the top 5 quiz masters !

6. Virtual Secretary
ID -

Have your own virtual secretary in your contact list. This bot can do lots of things that a secretary would do for you.

7. Magic Crystal Ball
ID -

This is a very smart messenger bot. You can ask it any question and it will tell you the answer like "Will my team win the football?".

Have fun talking to these !!