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Download YouTube videos with a 'kiss'

Watching videos over YouTube is great fun. You get to see loads of videos everyday. Seeing them is pretty easy but when it comes to saving these videos to your hard drive, then it might be a bit difficult.

What about downloading these videos with just a 'kiss' ? You might be wondering what this 'kiss' is. Well this relates to a new method of downloading YouTube videos. What you actually have to do is to just add the word 'kiss' at the begining of a YouTube video URL. For example you want to download this video - get it using the method described above, modify the URL like this - ''. Hope you got hold of it now.

You must be thinking how all this happens. It's pretty simple. There's a website called which is doing all this work for you. This method is quite simple and easy and requires you to install no other software.


  Andy Smith

September 12, 2011 at 1:21 AM

Wow. Cool method! I really love this easy way to dl youtube vids by just adding a "want" or "a kiss". I am a lazy person. :}