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Try out the Orkut applications

Google has started a new project named OpenSocial. OpenSocial is a set of common APIs for developers to create applications that work on websites like Orkut, Facebook etc. that have chosen to participate.

The much awaited Orkut applications are now live. For now, these applications are available only to Ethiopian Orkut members. But don't worry, you can still get them.Follow the steps below:* Change the country in your profile to Estonia.* Now, you'll will get an option to 'add apps' in the left hand side menu.* Click on the option. Now you'll be in the application directory. Choose the application you want to try.

For now, these are some of the available apps -
1. PhotoAttack
2. Horoscopes
3. Emote!
4. Music iLike
5. JogaTV by Nike
6. Top Friends by

There are not much apps on Orkut at the present moment but you will see many more in the time to come. So just wait and watch.