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Yahoo! Messenger for Vista finally launched

The long awaited Yahoo! messenger for Windows Vista is finally here. This new messenger has been made exclusively for Windows Vista users. The messenger has something new, especially it's cool looks.
The new features in Yahoo! Messenger include a complete change of layout, skin chooser, filter-as-you-type for easy searching, spell checker and a convenient tabbed conversation window that controls your desktop clutter. The rebuild also incorporates sidebar graphics that have the ability to show favorite contacts separated from conversation windows. Graphical elements in the new IM take Microsoft's graphic subsystem into play for vector based interfaces and enhanced emoticons. The overall look is very Vista-y. In terms of sharing items with your contacts, you can send files as large as 2 GB. There’s also the ability to send IMs to both your Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger contacts. Yahoo Messenger for Vista also leverages the desktop search in Vista to let the user search for photos stored on the computer, and it includes new animated emoticons.

There are some things missing in this version of Yahoo! Messenger. What’s missing for this preview, however, is the voice, webcam, chat rooms, SMS, IMVironments, Audibles, plug-ins, photo-sharing (unless you send the photo as a file), and conferencing. These features will most probably appear in the next Vista update as they are in works now.

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