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AniBoom - Give Life To Your Imagination

Are you fond of cartoons and animations? It’s not just kids whom I’m asking this question but I think that people of all age groups can be cartoon fans. However have you ever wondered how they are created or what is the complex mechanism that one has to go through for creating an animation to bring an imaginative character into existence? It might be just a few minutes cartoon but the time, patience and hard work to create it is more than creating a real life movie.

Anyways, if you are a cartoon lover then you might want to visit this site called where you can watch as much funny cartoons and animations as you like online. It’s a networking site where you can communicate and they’ve got unlimited cartoon clips and animations installed for you. And if you want to learn to animate then you can use their free animation software, ShapeShifter which is pretty easy and fun to use. You can upload your creations and take part in the monthly ShapeShifter challenge where you can have a chance to win Toon Boom Software. Also if you are a professional in this field, then AniBoom might prove to be a real good platform for you to express/advertise your talent and creativity. Folks might want to give you work on the basis of animations that you’ve created and uploaded here.

Right now AniBoom is just over internet but they plan to cross over to other mediums as well as TV, Cellular, PC games etc. in near future. Do watch out for the latest cartoons and animations at AniBoom.