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iPhone 3G - Worldwide Releases

The wait is over and July 11 is today. Today Apple’s 2nd generation iPhone 3G will be released in dozens of countries worldwide. The launch started in New Zealand and Japan on Friday. The first to get the opportunity to get this so called revolutionary device were the New Zealanders when reportedly three stores opened the sale just after midnight. The Japanese were the second who followed just after a short while. It’s releasing in several other countries today and in many others soon. Right now it will be available only in Apple Retail Stores and AT&T stores.
I haven’t got the chance to get a close look at this much-hyped iPhone 3G but rumors tell that this is lighter than the first gen one and is twice faster while the price is just $199 (half the price of the 1st Gen iPhone). I’m sure the buyers of the 1st Gen must be banging their head on the wall. Anyways Apple products are always overestimated but later they go puff. Hope the same doesn’t happen with this iPhone too. Ahh!!! I forgot one thing. Congrats to Apple on the release on iPhone 3G and best of luck on it’s sale.