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NVIDIA move to DirectX 10.1 at the end of 2008

After the emergence of a few months ago, information about the characteristics of a new generation of graphics processors from NVIDIA, which are known under the code GT200, and became the basis for graphics cards GeForce GTX 280/260, a number of observers noted with regret the lack of support for Applied interface DirectX 10.1, even more so that support similar functionality realized from competing products ATI Radeon 4870/4850. On questions about the reasons for such solutions developers from California said that there was no need for compulsory DirectX 10.1 support the new processors, and the desire to focus on other aspects, to improve the performance of new chips.

There was no doubt that in the future implementation of DirectX 10.1 becomes a prerequisite for successful competition in the market of graphic adapters, however, more or less reliable information about the occurrence of similar functionality in products NVIDIA has been reported. Now, the first information about future changes in the functionality of graphics cards GeForce.