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Saitek PM20 Obsidian Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

Saitek PM20 Obsidian wireless rechargeable mouse offers a groundbreaking performance with outstanding features and design. It has a high-speed optical sensor and ultra accurate tracking technology. It also features an advanced technology, with touch sensitive scrolling, four mode, two battery packs and a rechargeable dock.
Saitek PM20 Obsidian features include
Attractive design, which complements any environment
It provides 4 mode, touch sensitive scroll function
Rechargeable cradle with spare battery recharge and wireless transmitter storage
5 button options
Minimum resolution 1000 dpi
2.4 GHz interference free wireless technology
Smooth action
24/7 recharge solution with two lithium ion battery packs
Easy use with plug and play options

The technical features of this wireless mouse include a charging unit, optical LED input registration, notebook mouse with four button options. It has two-way scrolling options with a scrolling wheel and radio transfer type of connection. The USB 2.0 connectivity is used for connecting the computers.

The operating system, which supports Saitek PM20, is Microsoft Windows (98/ME/XP/2000). The warranty period is for one year and available at a reasonable cost in the market with a good value for money.

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